Robert Chen



I make high quality guitar covers of popular songs from Anime and occassionally League of Legends.


Free tabs and tab playthroughs are provided to you for the purpose of learning any of my arrangements.


I offer a paid transcription service for making professional, industry standard tabs from your video.


Hi! My name is Robert Chen, and I live in Canada. You’ll find fingerstyle covers of anime songs on my channel.

On this website, you’ll find tabs of my arrangements, and links to tab players on SoundSlice to help you learn with the video and tabs placed side-by-side. You’ll also be able to download and print the tabs in PDF format.

If you want to support my content, all I ask for is a video share. Shares gets my videos out there – it really helps me reach bigger audiences and grow my name as a musician.

If you want to contact me:

E-mail: chendumpling99@gmail.com

Discord: chendumpling#6818